Truth About Best dental insurance plans ?

The most important decision is Best dental insurance plans  you must take is to select the price segment. The fact is that very often people who are far from the business are mistaken in determining what to consider “expensive” and “cheap.” Qualitative treatment by definition cannot be cheap. For quality treatment, good doctors, sound equipment and suitable materials are needed. All this costs a decent amount of money.

However, the high price for services does not mean that the clinic is “classy.” It is important that the high price is based on high quality. If patients are confident of this, you can safely put a high price. Patients will go by a continuous stream and bring their relatives and acquaintances. Trying to save on treatment first will give you an influx of patients, but after a while, disappointed with the quality, they will not come to you again, and all acquaintances will be discouraged.

If you are aiming for quality treatment from the very beginning.

In business, not the price of a service, but its profitability, is of crucial importance. Increase the profitability of the service in two ways: increase the amount or reduce the cost. Both methods have their limitations. The requirements of the market limit the decrease in value. You can not buy cheap materials cheaply and cannot pay much to doctors. The market also limits the price increase. You can not raise prices by more than 10% from the closest competitor to you.

Best dental insurance plans
Best dental insurance plans

It does not matter whether you open a mini-clinic in two offices a However, this is not so. You can significantly increase prices if you move to a different price segment. It should be noted that the transition to another price segment is not just an increase in rate. This is the provision of services of fundamentally higher quality.

Dental clinics work in the following price segments:

  • Economy (up to 2000 rubles per visit)
  • Business (2000 – 10000 rubles per stay)
  • Premium (over 10,000 rubles per stay)

The price segment is not related to the number of rooms. You can provide cheap services in ten offices and make one cabinet, but a business class.

When choosing a segment, you need to understand that absolutely everything that you do should correspond to the selected price segment. Moreover, the room, and equipment, and staff, and quality.