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  • So that’s the sign of a skinny and Best electric toothbrush and so what’s happening in that when that poly is  underdeveloped that.
  • Higher palate is actually impinging on the nasal Airways  so their nasal Airways are completely deformed now that was never.
  • Taught to us  in dental school that the maxilla also actually houses the nasal Airways and so crooked upper teeth are a.

Direct sign  that we have a decreased volume in the airway.

  • system and so that goes to explain why for instance when.
  • They sleep they have to sleep with their mouth open  right it increases a pressure and that they’re actually going through.
Best electric toothbrush
Best electric toothbrush
  • Forms of sleep apnea and breathing issues when they’re sleep and so they’re having very  very dysfunctional and non restful.
  • Sleep very unlikely getting into late stages of area that’s why we’re seeing the deep connection between these kids with breathing.

Issues and ADHD between the of of kids now on

  • ADHD medicine a lot of the time is a breathing issue and so there.
  • are a plethora of problems here that were missing so let me just stop and reiterate some of this because I think it’s really important.
  • I think  awareness of this is very low even in the in the world of people who are listening