Dental insurance for seniors

here just to Dental insurance for seniors select sir I see her in my title bar I know it correctly, in this case, my Dental insurance for seniors patient Sally is the subscriber for the plan so I’m going.

Dental insurance for seniors
Dental insurance for seniors

to go ahead and click yes and in here this is the edit insurance window and I’m going to be going over all of the information in this.

window a little later but for now we’re just going to go over adding an existing plan to a patient so I’m going to use my pick from a list.

option and I are going to choose the systems Regents blue cross and I’m just going to click OK and now that has added the.

insurance to the patient with the Dental insurance correct benefits and everything I can put in a subscriber ID and click OK and now my patient has.

insurance now in the next example I’m going to move to Susie who is Sally’s daughter so I’ve added the insurance to  Sally and now.

Susie needs insurance added to her so in this instance I’m going to click add insurance and this time I know that Susie is not my subscriber’s actually.

 Dental insurance for seniors Sally so I’m going to click the note button and I am presented with a list of family members and I know that Sally.

carries the insurance in this case so I’m just going to go ahead and choose Sally and I’m going to click OK and now I’m presented with.

a list of plans I’m going to select the existing plan that I just added on to Sally the Regents and we’ll go ahead and say ok and in this.

case pay special attention to the relationship to the subscriber I do need to update this to the child and now both Sally and Susie have

insured let’s move to another example in the  next example I am going to choose my patient Jesse Smith and we’re going to go to his

family module so, in this Dental insurance for seniors situation, the mom is Carrie she’s the guarantor of the account but she’s not the subscriber so for Jesse