I can’t I don’t full coverage dental plans think we can stress it enough so when you’re speaking to your clients and the dentists that are out there listening is don’t take credentialing for for granted allow a fair at a time for that transfer going to be in effect and do not work under another dentist credential it will only come back to bite you if you’re audited so you touched on a point and you touched on it really quickly.

It’s one of the areas that I feel like people get into this quagmire of issues down the line is figuring out which insurance is to actually take as well and you’ve made a very succinct point on it is that you know optimally we want to have the entrances that will give us the most new patients as well to give us the best fees I mean how do you even begin to do that type of analysis because that to me that just seems that.

There’s to be so overwhelming there so because there’s so many plans your apps that you’re absolutely right there are a lot of plans out there and it’s a little bit of a quagmire for for dentists that are you know going to select plans to join the to go plans and which ones to join every dentist out there at least that we meet they all want the highest fees which naturally we all want they all want to get paid for for the work that we do and we take the approach with credentialing is it’s a combination of things it’s a combination of driving new patients and combination of the fees and I think the perspective could be unique when different for let’s say somebody who’s a startup or somebody who’s maybe at the midlife of their practice or even towards the towards.