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hanging it’s it’s getting I think more convoluted full coverage dental think it’s harder for doctors nowadays to realize what network they’re in and hopefully we’ll see some remedy but not in the near future I don’t think so you know droplet that a little bit more when you say are you dental insurance plans talking about like that specific insurance company are you talking.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance

dentistry insurance one of these networks that you join and then all of a sudden you’re enrolled with all of these yeah so those those are the least networks and so you know you you definitely I mean I hear this all the time I probably get an email a day about this I found out I’m in this network how did this happen and so that’s definitely a big issue but also the networks major dental insurance that are converting a lot of their patients over to exclusive networks that’s another I

think is going to be the year where people realize holy you know holy cow what’s this exclusive Network thing and those are exclusive provider organizations what EPO basically says for is the patient has benefits but only if they go to an EPO level dentist and you may be just a preferred dentist not an EPO  Dentalplans dentist and so you know it looks

on the surface like that patient is okay to come to us but they got a new card say January st that now says EPO and your PPO and now you’re gonna end up having a patient who’s mad at you so I’m getting the word out now that you know January you really do need to check these that’s what most of the plans turnover we really need to check to

make sure that a lot of the plants haven’t switched to dentistry insurance EPO versus PPO I think that’s going to be the next the next domino that’s going to fall that’s going to really upset people so well you have to like upgrade or down I guess in a way downgrade your fees in order to become a preferred person there’s only at first picking you go down to exclusive you would so affordable dental insurance it’s usually a lower fee schedule and if the patient comes to you and you’re not an EPO then

there are no benefits period and that’s you know when you sign it to be say an ACME provider and you find out that okay you’re an ACME low cost dental provider but you’re still not getting paid because hey there’s this new benefit level that you know do we just kind of rolled out that’s a lot of providers are gonna not going to be happy about that so I think that’s why we need to check on the EPO status and and we have to be sure to have really good conversations with our

patients about that if we do find out that you know this plan is going to switch to full coverage dental an EPO plan because now we have to deal with okay yes we are in network but not for your employer and we have to phrase that really well so that the patient feels comfortable