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It’s just a personality you know comfort whatever it may be if you’re not comfortable you can hop over to dr. Jones who is in the same network at any time there’s no penalty or anything for that you don’t have to ask any Dental Helps questions or nothing you just call up dr. Jones and make an appointment with them so no restrictions.

Mary it’s not it’s only applicable to the health savings account the FSA the flexible savings account must be used before the end of the year a health savings account does have to be tied to a specific type of plan generally a consumer-directed health plan or had a deductible health plan we offer one bronze plan that is HSA eligible health savings account eligible and one bronze plan.


Dental Helps
Dental Helps


That is not I know the rules for employer groups and what they offer can be different right so you could see a scenario where as long as there’s a deductible for at least thirteen hundred dollars for an individual that could be a plane that’s eligible for an HSA and so within that context.


Dental Helps
Dental Helps


It also be important to know if your employer’s contributing to that and the tax advantages of doing so those plants usually have lower premiums and so it provides the opportunity for for individuals to contribute to that account and kind of stock away savings for a rainy day so to speak because it can be used in future years so you can take that money and contribute it before taxes

It can grow in that account tax free and then it can be spent in future years tax free as well and so there are strong tax incentives to help make that plan and make that money as efficient as possible so if I were considering doing this what would be some of the key points you would suggest to me in order to find out what would work best for me well, I would look at how much money you’re saving by participating in the high deductible plan and they consider how much you might be able to contribute look at some of the that you might expect to incur as you seek out care and try to put away enough to cover those costs.

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Full coverage dental | Dental Insurance | Dental Helps

Full coverage dental | Dental Insurance | Dental helps

Full coverage dental customers that I showed you in my last  video if you guys incident you go ahead and watch that I’ll leave it in  the description box if I remember to when I’m editing but yeah actually I’ll link it below the last video how that’s  gonna watch a video this is our package Dental Insurance it’s a little says user instructions what it looks like and it just tells.

Full coverage dental

you each instrument Full coverage dental in here and what they’re  used for so yeah you have a ghetto Explorer tartar scraper mouth mirror sicko scaler and dental tweezers so yeah those are the things that come inside the kid this kit is so cute and small so  this is the kit the inside of the kit and let’s get started looking at hmm this mirror it is very like these.

instruments are different for my edges at school this mirror is very small like this is a very small mirror like um yeah  this is very small so I don’t know about this mirror to me I’m used to mining my instruments that’s a problem with like the handle on this instrument very small all of them are really small but this is what the middle looks like the face of.

 Mary probably is like the same size my miracle is bigger than this it’s kind of hard actually see the news I miss on that hard but it’s smaller my instrument I’m used to so yeah that’s a difference and I thought the mirror should be in the kit so one up for the  mirror I’m gonna sit there it was here and they all came with these little tips when I took

them off just to cover Dental Insurance the sharp parts on the instruments which are a good thing your tweezers I don’t every kit comes with tweezers usually use tweezers to pick up instruments so  nothing special about tweezers um they feel like my tweezers at school so yeah next this is your Explorer I believe yep you’re a nano Explorer I thought this should be in

the kit um really we use well we didn’t use the Explorer to remove plaque too but we use it to detect calculus and we’re gonna plaque  so this is a good tool used to remove plaque and I look for to get into instruments now do not agree with it I just they I don’t think they should be in the kit um well let Dental Helps me just talk about those so first this TARDIS

gripper I have never seen this before in my life I’ve never seen this instrument I have a  learned about this instrument so we don’t have this